Workshop 4: Linguini and Mac & Cheese


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Pastapalooza: Linguini & Meatballs and Mac and Cheese Molds
This workshop day is all about the world of faux noodles. Get your hands ready to squish, mash, and slice out tiny, delightful dishes full of fun!

About Okeydoughkey Workshop Days

Let’s elevate playdough molding to a whole new level! Join us for Okeydoughkey Playdough Workshop Days, an engaging workshop series, where we will dive deep into the world of squishing, mashing, and crafting unique tiny food models.

As we create together, we’ll embark on a journey of discovery and relaxation, exploring various exciting aspects, including:

  • Unleashing our creativity
  • Dabbling in basic engineering
  • Applying critical thinking
  • Making geometric shapes
  • Mixing colors
  • Learning to preserve your creations.

Mark your calendars for this fantastic workshop series. Each one-hour session will introduce fresh and exciting moldable concepts for us to explore. The best part is you get to take your creations home to preserve and admire. We’ll provide the supplies; just bring your creative spirit. Let’s unleash our inner sculptors together.


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