How to Make Fake Mac and Cheese with Modeling Dough

Thoughts of the real version of this project conjure up memories of eating the homemade, baked mac and cheese my mom used to make. When I had the idea to make a playdough version of this nostalgia inducing food, my first thought was that it wasn’t going to be easy.  Surprisingly, it has been one of the easiest modeling dough dishes I’ve yet to roll out.

You’ll need:

Yellow dough

A toothpick

A library card or a slicer

A small doll plate or top.

Pull off a small section of your yellow dough. Roll it into a worm like shape. Slice off small sections of the shape. Poke a tiny hole into each side of the smaller sections and gently bend it in half like the real elbow macaroni pasta. Repeat this step several times. Arrange each little fake piece of macaroni on the dish.

Let this air dry for a few days and it will make a convincing side at a doll feast.