How to make mac and cheese with play dough.

How to Make Fake Mac and Cheese with Modeling Dough

How to make fake mac and cheese with modeling dough.

I used to love mac and cheese when I was a little girl. There was a long version of the dish that involved my mother boiling the noodles, grating sharp cheddar cheese, and punching holes in a can of evaporated milk just before pouring it into what became a soupy mixture that never looked like it would emerge from the oven in such a delicious and creamy form. Then there was the instant kind with the powder that I could make at age 6 with fewer safety concerns. I preferred mommy’s version, but I was always happy to accept the latter in its stead. The concoction I’m sharing today is neither. But the simple process of building this tiny plate of mac and cheese from modeling dough is packed full of good old-fashioned fun, focus, and a little nostalgia.


Here’s the short ingredient list on which a few affiliate links are included and if clicked will yield a tiny commission.  

  • Yellow play-doh or other non-toxic modeling dough
  • A slicing tool (a library or expired bank card will do)
  • A toothpick
  • A circular juice top or piece of cardboard for your plate. (Anything dish-like should work. Be creative.


  1. Roll your dough into a long worm-like shape.
  2. Slice off sections that are about ¼ inch long. You can use your own judgment here based on how big you want your fake macaroni noodles to be.
  3. Gently press the short cylinders to make them curvy like little boomerangs.
  4. Use the toothpick to poke a hole at each end of the noodle shape. Not too deep. You just want to make the impression that there is a hole in each end to mimic the real thing.

Voila, your itty-bitty, yellow, elbows are complete.

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