How to Make a Storm Cloud Costume

It’s been a little busy in my neck of the woods and it was my intention to post this immediately after my previous post. But life happened. That said, I give you part two of the costume challenge. In the previous post, I shared the story of how I had my daughters come up with unique costumes to wear for Halloween with the promise to make them. This is part two of the costume challenge. Unlike my youngest daughter who decided on her own very made-up superhero, my eldest opted for a storm cloud. I have to admit that this ended up being just as much fun to make and garnered a lot of attention on Halloween night. After doing a little research at YouTube University (LOL), here’s how I transformed her into a storm cloud.

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I used:

I was able to create this dynamic little costume in just a few steps.

  1. I cut a piece of fabric in the shape of a pocket and hot-glued the sides and bottom of it to the bottom, front, right side of the emoji costume. I used it as a pocket to hold the battery pack portion of the blue fairy lights. Be sure you put the batteries in and test the lights before you put it in the pocket.
  2. I used my hot glue gun again to glue the fairy lights all over the front of the emoji. I made sure they were all evenly distributed. I think that out of all the steps, this part took the longest because I had to allow the glue time to dry incrementally. Once all the glue was applied, I let it set overnight to harden.
  3. I glued Poly-Fil to sections of the emoji until it was all covered making sure not to glue the battery pocket closed (but still concealing it with the Poly-Fil)
  4. We tested it out. I had her where it in the dark and I used the fairy light remote to light her up.

Again, this costume was so much fun to make and see her shine in. 

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