juice vase

juice vase

How to Make a Vase from an Apple Juice Bottle

If you and your family are apple juice drinkers, it’s likely you’ve tossed a few stylish empty bottles into the trash before. But if you’re looking to create something fun after finishing off your next one, this apple juice vase is a solution. It’s super simple and it will empower creatives of all ages to decorate their own spaces all while caring for our environment.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Martinelli apple juice container
  • Pourable acrylic paint
  • Scissors

martinelli apple juice bottleToday, I’m using a plastic Martinelli jar. Remember when these used to be made of glass? I’ll admit that after rediscovering how adorable one empty jar was, I splurged on a 12-pack just to have more of these gems in my craft stash. 

Keep in mind that your container of choice doesn’t have to be limited to the juice of the apple variety, or even one that holds juice at all. I’ve found some classy-looking fruit, condiment, and cooking oil jars that would fill in perfectly. It’s a good idea to keep cute and creative product packaging in mind when you’re shopping for groceries. When empty, can be the focal point of your next great creation.

pouring yellow paint

Pour your paint into your Martinelli’s bottle. You could use a plastic funnel for this, but it’s really not necessary. Here, I use a flexible plastic cup that I can bend and make it imitate a spout. 

shaking color in bottle

Put the lid on, and shake up the paint in your bottle. The goal is to spread the paint all around the inside to cover it fully.

Let your vase dry. This part will take some time. Turn it upside down for a few hours, then flip it and wait some more. Taking the lid off when it’s right-side-up will all it to dry faster, but the paint will drain down the sides to reveal the clear bottle. So you’ll need to keep on flipping it until it’s fully covered inside and dry.

flower on a shelf

To finish up, remove the white portion of the lid. I tied a piece of spare burlap ribbon around the opening and stuck in a paper flower. 

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